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Planning your 2017 wedding? Here’s how to find the perfect marriage Celebrant

Ready for the ring? Just said yes today? The most important thing you’ll need besides the proposal and the ring is the perfect wedding celebrant. The success of your wedding begins with your choice of a celebrant. The perfect celebrant is like the one golden thread that ties all your wedding plans and wedding dreams together. They are the most important service provider on your wedding day. They go the length including writing and creating a ceremony that is an artistic expression of who you are as an individual and as a couple.

However, trying to find a celebrant could be a bit overwhelming, especially when you have no idea where to look or the right search word to use. With over 8000 registered celebrants in Australia, having varying skills and personalities, it’s important to find a celebrant who is a good match for you. That is why a one-stop celebrant directory that brings all your favourite celebrants together in one place comes as a great relieve.

CelebrateIt is your one stop celebrant directory. It is new and fresh and easy to use, and it’s making head waves. All you’ll need is your ability to answer the question, what style of wedding do I want? Besides the legal side of things, everything else such as location, music, décor, what mood you want to convey or feel is your decision to make.  All these would determine your choice of a celebrant. Whether you’re looking for vibrant + romantic style, elegant, vintage-inspired garden or laid-back weddings, nonconventional, nonconformist, rustic, or beach weddings, finding the perfect wedding celebrant can contribute to making your day most memorable.

You’ll also need to answer the question in what region do I want to be wedded? Once you’re sure what region you want you’re wedding to hold, you can refine your search according to regions to save you the pain of searching through a long endless list of celebrants.

All celebrants on our database are appointed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney General and are experienced professionals. Most of whom also perform other ceremonies such as baby naming, commitment and renewal of vows, funerals ceremonies and more.

Now your search for that perfect celebrant is made easier and just a click away. So let the search begin… Find a Celebrant today!

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