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If you would like to feel that your marriage ceremony is in good hands and expertly run, please give me a call.
I can calm those wedding nerves, and confusion about where to start - and I’ll put you on the road to a guaranteed success.

I am a full-time professional celebrant. If you are looking for a ceremony that is different from the ordinary, and actually miles better, then choose me.

Allow me to maximise your enjoyment and minimise your stress.

I love my job and I'd love to hear from you, so contact me now and we'll have a chat, and if that goes well, arrange a cost and obligation free meeting.
I guarantee that you will be excited and delighted by our meeting. You will be saying "Wow!"because you'll be aware of lots of fresh ideas for a modern marriage ceremony - a ceremony that blends the traditional with the modern, and is a lot of fun.

There's a lot to know about - so don’t delay, give me a call.

Regards and thanks,

For some expert tips, please download the document below in the documents section "How to choose your celebrant".

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  • Marriage Ceremony

    A unique marriage ceremony that is designed especially for you.
    My ceremonies contain many new and fresh ideas that combine the best of tradition blended with new and modern inclusions.
    Your marriage ceremony should be the jewel in the crown of your wedding day, not just something to get through in order to get to the wedding reception.

  • Master of Ceremonies

    During your marriage ceremony I act as the Master of Ceremonies - taking responsibility for everything.
    Consider using my services for your wedding reception.
    You wedding reception is far too important to put into the hands of someone without the skill, expertise and experience to make it run flawlessly, and to handle any unexpected events that crop up. Your marriage ceremony and your wedding reception can blend into a continuous event, allowing you to get the maximum value for your investment and the maximum enjoyment of your day.

  • Eloping to Sydney

    Eloping to Australia couldn't be easier.
    We can make all the arrangements on the Internet and you can get married the day you arrive.
    Sydney has some lovely, memorable and free wedding locations that will look great in your wedding photographs and generate wonderful memories for you.
    Call me for a Skype meeting and I'll take you through your options.

  • Commitment Ceremonies and Renewal of Vows

    A heartfelt, beautifully designed and presented commitment ceremony is a lovely idea.
    Call me to discuss how you might do that, for the maximum enjoyment and the minimum fuss and stress.

  • Same Sex Marriages

    We all agree that Same Sex Marriages are on the way.
    You can have a commitment ceremony right now, that will be  completed, changed into a legal marriage, when the law changes.
    In the meantime you will have committed to each other in a very visible and satisfying way in front of  your family and friends.

  • Pop Up Weddings

    On a budget? Saving for a home?
    Pop Up Weddings are great for second time around couples who don't want a lot of fuss, and couples saving for a home.
    For a fixed price of $6,450 you get a marriage ceremony, an MC, a photographer, drinks and canapés for 40 guests in a top wedding venue.
    See www.popupweddings.me


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