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Married By Meera

Personal Ceremonies Made Perfect!
Service Regions: NSW - Hawkesbury

There is no greater moment for a couple than this day and you want it to be…..well, perfect of course!

That’s where I comes in. Making the decision to marry is a joyful and exhilarating thing, then couples tend to panic (just a little!) at the seemingly enormous task of pulling it all together. There are so many things to consider and it all has to be done to whatever timeframe you set and whatever budget you can manage.

The choice of celebrant is extremely important – not just because a good celebrant will guide you through the essential legal steps required to marry but also because the celebrant will stand before your wedding guests and co-ordinate all proceedings for the ceremony – believe me, you want that to be…well, perfect of course!

I am THAT celebrant, the one your guests will instantly warm to, and relax in the presence of, as she guides your entire party to that once-in-a-lifetime moment….when you look into the eyes of the one you have chosen to love above all others and say “I DO”.

I specialise in Vintage Weddings and Elopement Packages in the beautiful Hawkesbury region of Sydney.

Simply phone 0406 512 162 nor a no obligation chat.


Your Promise of Love, made perfect.

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  • Lace Package $400.00

    Some couples know exactly what they want and it involves as little fuss as possible...something simple, straightforward BUT still elegant and personal is all they need.

    The MBM Lace Package is for you if you are happy to get some basic things done yourself, don't want a long involved ceremony and would rather concentrate on ensuring you get just the right touch of personality into your script!
    This package includes:
    - One face-to-face meeting
    - All documentation lodged
    - Unlimited email and telephone calls
    - One script rewrite
    - No rehearsals
    - Vow Cards printed and presented as keepsakes
    - Travel by negotiation (if out of the metro area)

  • Pearl Package $600.00

    Some couples are confident and organised!

    They don't need help with venue suggestions or where to find a million butterflies to release.

    They're not getting married in a hot air balloon or underwater either....they're happy to get things done in just a few emails and telephone calls.

    The MBM Pearl Package is for you if you want:
    - Up to three face-to-face meetings
    - Unlimited emails and telephone calls
    - All documentation done
    - Official Certificate ordered and included in the package
    - Vow Cards printed and available as Keepsakes
    - MBM Ceremony Guide and Wedding Calendar
    - Personalised script with three re-writes
    - Travel expenses negotiated

  • Diamond Package $700.00

    Weddings really can be as simple of complicated as you like!

    Some weddings are a BIG deal with BIG ideas and need a lot of fine attention to detail. That's the way the Bride and Groom want it and they need the extra work to be confident that every single part of what they've planned comes together on the day just the way they planned.

    Others are just prone to nerves and anxiety and need extra TLC to get them through things!

    You need a Celebrant who can be flexible and is able to offer that extra time and effort...

    This is the perfect package if you really want everything done for you either to save yourself the time or stress OR both!

    Meera's Diamond Service:
    - Unlimited face-to-face meetings
    - Unlimited email and telephone contact
    - All documentation lodged
    - Official Certificate ordered online and included in package
    - MBM Ceremony Guide
    - Personalised Script and unlimited rewrites
    - Vow Cards printed and supplied to keep as mementos
    - Copy of Script supplied in keepsake format
    - Rehearsal included in package
    - Travel Expenses by negotiation

  • Commitment Ceremonies

  • Elopement Package

    Price on Application

  • Same Sex Wedding Ceremonies

    I am so very proud to support Same Sex Marriages and the Rainbow Community entirely.

    I welcome all and any enquiries from Same Sex Couples with great joy!  It is a privilege to be a Civil Celebrant and I regret the Government's decision to allow civil celebrants the option to elect themselves away from the civil obligation to uphold what should be anti-discriminatory legislation in every sense of the legal application.

    If you are a same sex couple seeking a friendly supportive celebrant, rest assured I am that person!


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