Wedding Favours for Very Important Brides

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When I began my career as a Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrant in 2004, I noticed a curious thing. Only a few Brides either carried or were presented with favours and charms for ‘good luck’. As I conducted more and more weddings, I started to wonder if Brides were ‘missing out’ in the bridal favour department. It didn’t seem to matter if the ceremony was traditional and formal, or relaxed and casual, only some Brides were lucky enough to receive good-luck charms from family or friends, while other Brides appeared to miss out.

I was on a mission! I wanted to know more about bridal favours. I found out that different cultures use different charm shapes as symbols of ‘good luck’. A horseshoe shape is popular in many cultures. Carry the horseshoe with the arms turned upwards to prevent the ‘good luck’ from spilling out! Carry the horseshoe with the arms turned downwards, and the ‘good luck’ is said to spread everywhere the Bride walks.

A miniature shoe or slipper shape is also a popular wedding favour and placing a coin in the shoe or slipper is said to bring extra ‘good luck’. Tiny locks and keys can be attached to the bridal bouquet.  Other kinds of attachment to the bridal bouquet include miniature portrait charms of family members who although having passed away, are present, honoured and loved.

Love Heart Keepsakes for Very Important Brides

I decided that all my Brides should receive at least one ‘good luck’ bridal favour or charm on their wedding day! I design, and make my signature satin hearts for very important Brides. No two hearts are the same! I decorate each heart to compliment the Bride’s style and colours.

These love heart keepsakes are not for sale!  I give these unique bridal favours to my very important Brides after the ‘Declaration of Marriage’ as ‘good-luck’ mementos to take into their married life. These truly are unique wedding keepsakes that I make with love and care to bring smiles to faces and to share the love.

Glenda Ashleigh Marriage Celebrant Brisbane

Glenda Ashleigh Marriage Celebrant Brisbane


Glenda Ashleigh Marriage Celebrant Brisbane

Tell me your wishes, and I will make your ceremony simply delightful!  I love what I do best, creating ceremonies that everyone enjoys.

I am retired from an enjoyable career in teaching, and my best memories are those of making positive differences in people’s lives.  I have many fond memories of those who trusted me to help them along the way to attain their dreams.

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