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Recently I was asked ‘What is it like to be a Celebrant’?

The answer is that it is a privilege and honour to be part of one of the most exciting days in a couple’s life. From our first meeting to create a unique Ceremony, which reflects on their personality, individuality and their beliefs.

Kerrie Barber-White Marriage CelebrantOn the day, it is all about them, being aware of their nervousness and ensuring they are as relaxed as possible, even though we have worked for months on their Ceremony, they never remember anything, only gazing in each other eyes!

I make a keepsake book for them in the years to come of remembering their special day. At rehearsal I give the Bride a Name changing book as a gift to help with the name changing process.

Recently I became a Civil Partnership Notary where I can register Commitment Ceremony’s with B.D.M. as I believe I don’t have the right to say who should love who.

Love is love.

As the Buddha quotes:

‘Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successfulthat is what is like to be a Celebrant!

Vows – These Vows are very special to me as they were written by my son in law when I had the absolute pleasure marrying my daughter two years ago.

Kerrie Barber-White Marriage CelebrantYou are the treasure I have been searching for,

You are the only one I will ever need,

You have completed my journey and started another,

I am always proud to stand next to you,

I will always be by your side,

I have always had a gap in my life, you filled it

You have made me want to be a better person,

You gave me a son,

You made me a father,

We share more love that we will ever need,

We are a family and will always be.

I love this Ceremony, where the mothers are totally unaware of what is about to happen.

Mothers give and give more, this is such a touching moment when the Bride and Groom acknowledge their mums. (I cannot look at them otherwise I lose it!).

Presentation of Rose Ceremony

Celebrant: Before we finish with the Final Declaration Jack and Jill wish to acknowledge their parents, John, Mary, Bill and Sue today.

They have been there to teach, guide, love (and occasionally, boss) throughout their lives.

And now they have witnessed this Marriage Ceremony.

Therefore, Jack and Jill would like Mary and Sue to accept this rose as a promise that no matter how far apart you are, you are loved and appreciated, a reminder that you will always be in their hearts.


Kerrie Barber-White Marriage Celebrant Darling Downs

Kerrie Barber-White Marriage Celebrant Darling Downs


– Kerrie Barber-White Marriage Celebrant Darling Downs, Scenic Rim & South West Brisbane

Are you seeking a celebrant who has a sense of fun, down to earth, practical, professional, problem solving and someone who thinks outside the square? Someone who’s completely natural?

The ceremonies I create are the moments of love, happiness and often laughter which expresses your values, your life together and dreams for the future.

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