Unique Wedding Ceremony – A REAL HOOT!!

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It certainly was an occasion to ‘T’wit T’woo ’ about!!

Mark and Michelle decided to surprise their bridal party and all of their guests with an exciting delivery of their rings during their unique wedding ceremony.


No one else knew, other than the couple, their photographer, videographer and their celebrant Simone Lewis-Cocks.

So you can imagine the gasps as a beautiful OWL, ‘Giselle’ delivered the rings, right on cue!

Mark and Michelle’s love of animals and desire for something completely unique and memorable helped them choose Giselle to deliver their rings.

Celebrant Simone Lewis-Cocks said: “It was a beautiful sight! The moment was carefully organised.

The leather glove was hidden on the floor near the couple. Simone picked up the glove for Mark so he could slip it on his hand at the right moment. Giselle was with her handler waiting, hidden some way behind all of the guests.

After Mark and Michelle shared their beautiful hand-crafted vows, the groom held out his arm with a tiny piece of lamb on the glove and he made a sound signal.

Giselle flew above the guests and landed perfectly on Mark’s gloved hand to eat the meat and deliver the rings. Michelle untied the rings and Giselle flew back to her handler.

It was such an incredible moment!

SImone Lewis-Cocks Marriage Celebrant Sydney NSW

SImone Lewis-Cocks Marriage Celebrant Sydney NSW

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