Corndale Wedding in Northern Rivers NSW

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I recently did a wedding in the countryside of Northern Rivers NSW called Corndale. The couple, Kimberley and Adam  had lived n the area all their lives , had met and were being married on the family ranch. Just about all the folk who had come to witness the ceremony were local farmers and people from the area. Everyone was friendly and happy to be there for the occasion of the wedding, and to see the couple that they had known all their lives, joined in marriage.

Where to start with your vows – A must read for all Brides and Grooms!

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As a newly registered Civil Marriage Celebrant, I have had the privilege of helping couples create their vows, I am also a ‘bride to be’ and got engaged in March last year. I have laid in bed, wide awake, thinking about writing my own vows, more times than I dare to count! To be honest, the vows are what scares me the most about the wedding… What if my vows are too long and his are too short? What if my vows are too ‘soppy’ and his aren’t? What if mine are really serious and his are humorous? What if … Read More

Sacred Words – Writing Your Vows

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Words are powerful. Words give expression to our feelings, dreams and desires. A thought is so much more powerful when it is said out aloud, and given even more significance when it is received and affirmed by another.  Words, when spoken, become emotion in motion, in other words…energy! Vows are special promises, important words, which have a potent and magic message from our heart and soul, which are given life and energized with our life-force…. our breath.  Think of the power of affirmations or prayer even, how powerful those words can be, and know your vows are the same. Giving one’s … Read More