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Prior to December 9th 2017, I had been on the journey with a wonderful same sex couple who wanted me to marry them. “Is the bill going to be passed?” “Will it happen or not?” Regardless they were determined to have a celebration of their future lives together in March 2018. It turned out they could legally marry and we were all over the moon with excitement. Melross in Kangaroo Valley was a picturesque venue for the wedding. The ceremony was outdoors and the weather was perfect – sunny and warm. The 170 guests assembled for this historic wedding.

Corndale Wedding in Northern Rivers NSW

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I recently did a wedding in the countryside of Northern Rivers NSW called Corndale. The couple, Kimberley and Adam  had lived n the area all their lives , had met and were being married on the family ranch. Just about all the folk who had come to witness the ceremony were local farmers and people from the area. Everyone was friendly and happy to be there for the occasion of the wedding, and to see the couple that they had known all their lives, joined in marriage.

15 Essential Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Venue

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Couples typically spend between $100 to $200 per guest with their marriage and wedding reception venue. It’s a very expensive experience. Be aware that no wedding venue is perfect, and you should be aware of the compromises you are making.

Wedding Location – Botanical Gardens Gold Coast

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Some things stand out to make a wedding location unique. You can’t go past the enthralling Botanical Gardens in Ashmore, – the lakes, waterfalls, gardens, trees, bushes, grasslands, – Australiana at its prettiest. At my last wedding ceremony in the Gardens, I was captivated by the black swans, ducks and water hens sailing past taking a close interest in the proceedings. The kookaburras and bush turkeys also joined in singing their joy. The wedding location is a photographic paradise.