Secrets Of Success For Your Great Marriage Ceremony

Rossi AlexanderCelebrant

There are three types of marriage ceremony, Yes, No, and WOW!

Wow! ceremonies are the ones that are remembered in the years to come.

What do you need to do if you want your ceremony to Wow your family and your friends?

Martin Moroney Marriage Celebrant North Shore Sydney

Here are simple strategies for success:

Go and watch a few ceremonies at outside venues. There are plenty of places you can watch ceremonies at public parks. This will put what you want, and don’t want into stark focus! Experience what works and what doesn’t work. Allow yourself to be both shocked and surprised.

Notice that in about 60% of ceremonies, the guests are just witnessing the ceremony. There is a big difference between the audience participating, or just witnessing the ceremony.

Realise that you don’t have to throw money at your wedding to make it unique and memorable. A simple ceremony can generate a lifetime memory for you and your guests, because they were completely Wowed!  The visuals you put together are only part of the show. The venue, the dresses, the cars, the flowers, they are there to set the stage for the action.

Resolve that your marriage ceremony will be the best marriage ceremony you have ever attended. A truly memorable marriage ceremony.

Think about your marriage ceremony as a show about the two of you giving social recognition to a marriage that already exists. Design your show as you would any other show, and fill it with Wow factor – surprise and delight your audience.

Martin Moroney Marriage Celebrant North Shore Sydney

Martin Moroney Marriage Celebrant North Shore Sydney

Get clever with the design of your marriage ceremony. Surprise and delight happens when you have inclusions in your ceremony that surprise your audience, unique inclusion that they have not seen before, inclusions that make your audience feel emotional, make them feel engaged, make them laugh, make them cry, and give them the opportunity to express their feelings.

Realise that your great marriage ceremony will set the tone for the day and guarantee that your wedding reception will take off like a rocket – everybody will feel good about you and about themselves.

Well, that’s what you must do, how do you go about it?

Make a list of things that you want to say in the years to come, when you are describing your marriage ceremony.

For example: “It was, engaging, humourous, people enjoyed themselves, it was classy, it made me feel good, it ran smoothly, I wasn’t intimidated by the occasion”……………….and so on and so forth.

Find yourself a marriage celebrant with the skill, the experience, and the presenting skills to pull this off for you.

There are 8,100 marriage celebrants! Start with their photos. Do you think you will like them when you meet them?

A great celebrant is worth their weight in gold. They will make the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Ask your potential marriage celebrant how they would go about designing your ceremony for you.

Ask “Is this going to be a team effort”, as opposed to the celebrant telling you what they do, without regard to your input.

How would you do this, how would you do that? Are great questions.

You will soon know if this celebrant is going to get you the marriage ceremony of which you dream.

Contact me and I’ll send you a check list on how to choose your marriage celebrant.

Good luck, have fun.

Martin Moroney

Martin Moroney Marriage Celebrant North Shore Sydney

Martin Moroney Marriage Celebrant North Shore Sydney


Martin Moroney Marriage Celebrant North Shore Sydney

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