Creating your Ceremony – IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK

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We live in a diverse country filled with so many nationalities and cultures as well as spiritual beliefs including the local indigenous and the respect for country.

I encourage my couples to reflect and consider adding part of their history into their ceremony. It’s a way to respect their family and uniting their history and beliefs.

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Wedding Location – Botanical Gardens Gold Coast

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Some things stand out to make a wedding location unique. You can’t go past the enthralling Botanical Gardens in Ashmore, – the lakes, waterfalls, gardens, trees, bushes, grasslands, – Australiana at its prettiest. At my last wedding ceremony in the Gardens, I was captivated by the black swans, ducks and water hens sailing past taking a close interest in the proceedings. The kookaburras and bush turkeys also joined in singing their joy.

The wedding location is a photographic paradise.

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Where to start with your vows – A must read for all Brides and Grooms!

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Caitlyn Scott Marriage CelebrantAs a newly registered Civil Marriage Celebrant, I have had the privilege of helping couples create their vows, I am also a ‘bride to be’ and got engaged in March last year. I have laid in bed, wide awake, thinking about writing my own vows, more times than I dare to count! To be honest, the vows are what scares me the most about the wedding… What if my vows are too long and his are too short? What if my vows are too ‘soppy’ and his aren’t? What if mine are really serious and his are humorous? What if I am crying so much, that I can’t see the page to read them? The list goes on, and on!
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Aphrodite Anderson Marriage Celebrant

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Aphrodite Anderson Marriage CelebrantMy name is Aphrodite Anderson and as a full time Marriage Celebrant of 9 years, I believe I have the greatest job in the world having performed over 700 ceremonies.  The best part of my profession is hearing my couples’ love stories!  Amazingly, every story and proposal is unique.  The love and excitement is palpable and I am thrilled to be a part of their celebration of love and lifetime commitment.
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Welcome to the family “Celebrant Ann Weller”

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I’m a very new Marriage Celebrant (Registered under the Commonwealth of Australia in February this year), based in Victoria’s Glorious East, Paynesville, on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes, and I am looking forward to working with couples who just want to “enjoy their Wedding Day” – I want to make this a fun day, as well as such a special day for you!

Planning a wedding can get stressful, but we can work together to make your day absolutely fun and fabulous. Don’t get stressed over the day, as I am here to help you all the way, and we will have some fun! Of course your wedding can bring out some emotions, so I guess it will be a balance – like “emotionally funny”.Read More

Uniquely Your Way

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Recently I was asked ‘What is it like to be a Celebrant’?

The answer is that it is a privilege and honour to be part of one of the most exciting days in a couple’s life. From our first meeting to create a unique Ceremony, which reflects on their personality, individuality and their beliefs.

Kerrie Barber-White Marriage CelebrantOn the day, it is all about them, being aware of their nervousness and ensuring they are as relaxed as possible, even though we have worked for months on their Ceremony, they never remember anything, only gazing in each other eyes!Read More

Sacred Words – Writing Your Vows

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Words are powerful. Words give expression to our feelings, dreams and desires. A thought is so much more powerful when it is said out aloud, and given even more significance when it is received and affirmed by another.  Words, when spoken, become emotion in motion, in other words…energy! Vows are special promises, important words, which have a potent and magic message from our heart and soul, which are given life and energized with our life-force…. our breath.  Think of the power of affirmations or prayer even, how powerful those words can be, and know your vows are the same.

 Sarah Tolmie Marriage Celebrant Central Coast Giving one’s word is a beautiful and solemn thing….the closest thing to sacred.  Your marriage vows are heart and soul words and I truly believe they are magic and sacred words.  They are also words which are energized and given special significance by the fact that they are witnessed by others within the context of ritual and ceremony.Read More

Parentzillas – When Good Parents Turn Bad

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Parents; you love them, yes, but their vision on what your wedding should look and feel like does not necessarily complement yours. A wedding can be a hugely exciting, emotional time for parents and sometimes their best intentions can come off as interfering.  I know when – or should that read ‘if’ – my daughters get married I’ll have to have very strong words with myself to stop myself overstepping the mark from helpful to interfering.

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Your Wedding Day

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Your Wedding Day is approaching. What a very precious occasion it will be! There are so many things to consider and fortunately the Web is filled with gorgeous ideas  to help create the vibe you want for yourselves and your guests, whether it is a DIY at home or in a marquee, barn or reception centre.  Nevertheless the heart of your day is the ceremony.

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