Too Old To Get Married?

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Are you over 50 and enjoying dating, but do you ever wonder if you are too old to get married? I’ve seen plenty of people over the age of 50 discover love, companionship and even marriage for the first time and for some, the second time.

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Many of the couples I have had the pleasure of being their celebrant, fall into this category. These couples may meet for the first time at a dinner party, a social gathering, on a cruise or just in the course of their everyday lives. They could be high school sweethearts reconnecting after decades apart. They can be widowed or divorced from former spouses or even old friends who kindle a new relationship. What can be more beautiful than discovering love?

It doesn’t have to be the great, grand passions that we all envision love needing to be. What it is, is an enduring love – a companionship, a friendship that gives them someone to walk alongside in the late autumn of life.

Older couples are a definite trend in our society. More and more often, young couples aren’t marrying until they are in their 30s, so is an older couple one that doesn’t meet or marry until they are in their 60s? Whether a couple is marrying,  because of newly rediscovered passion, or for companionship through shared activities.

Judith Brooks Marriage Celebrant Melbourne VIC

Judith Brooks Marriage Celebrant Melbourne VIC

If you are asking yourself whether you are too old to get married, shelf that question for a moment and ask these questions instead:

  • How do your children feel about your relationship?
  • Are you ready to blend your home with another person again?
  • Will you move in with each other or buy a new place to create a new home?
  • Have you protected any inheritance for your children by designating them your heirs rather than your spouse?
  • Why do you want to marry again?

If you can answer those questions, if you can discuss them with each other and you can discover a level of comfort and commitment in those answers then you’re never too old to get married.

I know one very great lady, who lost her husband when her children were ages 4 and 2. She didn’t bother with dating, though she maintained many strong friendships for years. When her youngest turned 21 and was getting ready to get married herself, the lady allowed herself to entertain the possibility of a relationship. But she had to wait until her kids were done. At Easter, she’ll celebrate her one year anniversary to the man she found friendship, companionship, romance and love with after 20 years.

So it can happen. What’s your story?


Judith Brooks Marriage Celebrant Melbourne VIC

Judith Brooks Marriage Celebrant Melbourne VIC


If you are looking for a caring and compassionate celebrant, who can understand what it’s all about – been there done that – then give me a call on 0417 551 045 or email

–  Judy Brooks – Civil Marriage Celebrant, Blackburn, Victoria.

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