Getting Married – Old or Young?

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Getting married… I love doing all kinds of weddings, from the young just starting out on their journey through life together, to the more mature (like me) who may be furthering an already long term relationship, by committing to each other in marriage.

Susanne Forbes Marriage Celebrant Gold Coast

Susanne Forbes Marriage Celebrant Gold Coast

The Young

The gorgeous young couples, in the first flush of love, with so many hopes and dreams for their future, travel, homes, babies, careers, have so much to look forward to. They don’t really know where life may take them, but they are full of optimism, full of life and sure that there are no other couples in the world who love each other quite as much as they do. Their confidence and bravery, inspire me, remind me of my young self and fill my heart with happiness. It is a joy to watch them interact with each other as they make their plans and look forward to their big day.

The Old

But frequently I am just as inspired, if not more so, by older couples, who have experienced life and know that it is sometimes very hard, but still believe in the truth and longevity of their relationship. One such couple, in their 50’s, had originally met in primary school, then both had previous marriages which didn’t work out, before meeting again 35 years later and falling in love. There is a lot to be said for the knowledge that comes with life experience and when you couple that with the willingness to trust, love and commit to another person, you have a great situation where your couple have their eyes totally open… and still embrace the opportunity to formalise their union.

So Old, Young, or In-between, I can’t decide which I enjoy more, it is all a wonderful celebration of love.

Hello, I’m Susie, and i am lucky enough to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland and conduct weddings here and on the Gold Coast. The skill is in getting the balance right, between light hearted fun and deep emotion, so that together we can make your day perfect for you.

Susanne Forbes Marriage Celebrant Gold Coast

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