Creating your Ceremony – IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK

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We live in a diverse country filled with so many nationalities and cultures as well as spiritual beliefs including the local indigenous and the respect for country.

I encourage my couples to reflect and consider adding part of their history into their ceremony. It’s a way to respect their family and uniting their history and beliefs.

Irena Kirpichnikova Marriage Celebrant Melbourne Beach Ceremony

I have been lucky to have performed over 300 weddings – all unique and interesting. It has led me to research how people make that sacred moment even more meaningful.  Here are a few questions I ask my couples… please feel free to contact me to discuss your own personal situation and I can give you some ideas and suggestions.

Here are some questions I ask…

  1. What cultural background are each of you? Let’s explore the wedding rituals of those cultures – it’s sometimes surprising how interesting these can be. e.g. hand-fastening – a celtic tradition, the washing of hands – a Philippine tradition. The taking out of the ribbon and undoing the braid – a Russian tradition. Sake drinking or cake eating – Japanese tradition. Giving roses to guests – German. Each country has many of their own.
  2. Ask your parents and grandparents if there are any family wedding traditions. You might just be surprised what you learn. The family might have a ring or handkerchief that every bride passes down. It’s always good to ask.
  3. Do you have any spiritual beliefs? In this case it might be that the father reads a prayer before the ceremony begins or instead of a verse it be a prayer. If Jewish then perhaps creating a canopy or breaking the glass. Some couples like to acknowledge the traditional peoples of the land. Others like to acknowledge the earth and sky and wind. Again this is very interesting and when incorporated in the ceremony adds deep meaning to the couple and their commitment.
  4. Do you wish to include others in the ceremony? There are lots of ceremonial ways to include the children and family members. Stone throwing and wishing tree ceremonies to include all the guests.
  5. There are ceremonial ways to include family and friends who are not present or have parted.

I find it important to ask my couples about all of this and more. Some couples just want their ceremony to be short and sweet without any of this. But others start to think about these questions and adding something that gives enormous meaning to their sacred ceremony.

Irena Kirpichnikova Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Irena Kirpichnikova Marriage Celebrant Melbourne


– Irena Kirpichnikova Marriage Celebrant Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and North East Victoria

Your ceremony will be perfectly YOU because, Your ceremony is about your LOVE.

You will benefit from my experience in performing over 300 ceremonies – honouring different cultures, nationalities, beliefs and rituals as well as different themes.

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