Where to start with your vows – A must read for all Brides and Grooms!

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As a newly registered Civil Marriage Celebrant, I have had the privilege of helping couples create their vows, I am also a ‘bride to be’ and got engaged in March last year. I have laid in bed, wide awake, thinking about writing my own vows, more times than I dare to count! To be honest, the vows are what scares me the most about the wedding… What if my vows are too long and his are too short? What if my vows are too ‘soppy’ and his aren’t? What if mine are really serious and his are humorous? What if … Read More

Sacred Words – Writing Your Vows

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Words are powerful. Words give expression to our feelings, dreams and desires. A thought is so much more powerful when it is said out aloud, and given even more significance when it is received and affirmed by another.  Words, when spoken, become emotion in motion, in other words…energy! Vows are special promises, important words, which have a potent and magic message from our heart and soul, which are given life and energized with our life-force…. our breath.  Think of the power of affirmations or prayer even, how powerful those words can be, and know your vows are the same. Giving one’s … Read More

Parentzillas – When Good Parents Turn Bad

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Parents; you love them, yes, but their vision on what your wedding should look and feel like does not necessarily complement yours. A wedding can be a hugely exciting, emotional time for parents and sometimes their best intentions can come off as interfering.  I know when – or should that read ‘if’ – my daughters get married I’ll have to have very strong words with myself to stop myself overstepping the mark from helpful to interfering.

Your Wedding Day

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Your Wedding Day is approaching. What a very precious occasion it will be! There are so many things to consider and fortunately the Web is filled with gorgeous ideas  to help create the vibe you want for yourselves and your guests, whether it is a DIY at home or in a marquee, barn or reception centre.  Nevertheless the heart of your day is the ceremony.

Wedding Favours for Very Important Brides

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When I began my career as a Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrant in 2004, I noticed a curious thing. Only a few Brides either carried or were presented with favours and charms for ‘good luck’. As I conducted more and more weddings, I started to wonder if Brides were ‘missing out’ in the bridal favour department. It didn’t seem to matter if the ceremony was traditional and formal, or relaxed and casual, only some Brides were lucky enough to receive good-luck charms from family or friends, while other Brides appeared to miss out.

Marriage Equality 101

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There is such a flurry of misinformation surrounding marriage equality that it is probably time for a little primer into what constitutes legal marriage in Australia. All marriage in Australia is governed by the Commonwealth Marriage Act of 1961.  This act was the result of the States ceding their control of marriage law. Many laws were a throwback to colonial times when each State had something different, just like railway gauges.

Age Is No Barrier To Love

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One of the nicest grooms I have come across was 89 year old Ernie.  His Bride was 44 year old Elaine. Ernie had been married before for 62 years. His wife passed away on Christmas Eve, 2009.

Getting Married – Old or Young?

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Getting married… I love doing all kinds of weddings, from the young just starting out on their journey through life together, to the more mature (like me) who may be furthering an already long term relationship, by committing to each other in marriage.

Unique Wedding Ceremony – Uluru Lookout

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In May 2016, I had the privilege of conducting a wedding ceremony at Uluru Lookout for Mazz and Paul. The Red Centre is a phenomenal and unique place to conduct a wedding ceremony as the landscape is truly one of a kind. Ayers Rock provided an amazing backdrop for the ceremony itself and it was an enormous privilege and pleasure to have been given the opportunity to perform their wedding service in such a fantastic location. We all enjoyed drinking champagne celebratory drinks after the ceremony as we admired this sacred and world famous gigantic rock.

All You Need Is Love

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But what does this actually mean in regards to a long and happy marriage? Love is so many things, it is obviously that flush of romantic desire, the need to be with your chosen one all the time, to study the features that blow you away and see that desire reflected back to you, in their eyes. But it is also so much more… It is thinking about what the other wants and putting their needs on an equal level of importance as  your own. Really feeling that their happiness is a priority in your daily life and showing it … Read More

Too Old To Get Married?

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Are you over 50 and enjoying dating, but do you ever wonder if you are too old to get married? I’ve seen plenty of people over the age of 50 discover love, companionship and even marriage for the first time and for some, the second time.

Find a Marriage Celebrant Sydney

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Looking to find a marriage celebrant in Sydney? You’ve come to the right place. Celebrate It is a premier celebrant directory for finding Australia’s finest marriage celebrants. Explore our extensive directory now to find the perfect celebrant for your big day.

Wedding On A Shoestring Budget

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My background is in the wedding industry as a seamstress and as a musician. Through that I have been involved in lot of weddings so I have seen many times how expensive weddings can be.  What blows my mind is how can some spend only $1200 on the whole wedding, while others can spend $10 000 on just the dress.