Barbara Colless Marriage Celebrant South Sydney

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People often ask me “Why did you become a Marriage Celebrant?” My answer is always that “I love being part of such an uplifting occasion”. So many jobs are just  “work” with no room for sharing fun, excitement, glamour, magic & even sometimes ……..drama!

Barbara Colless Marriage Celebrant South Sydney

I love to be creative with my couples so that their Wedding Ceremony is uniquely them.  There are so many fun & happy memories that will remain with not just the bride & groom & myself but also with the guests – all as a result of being creative.  Memories such as starting the music for a country wedding when you hear the roar of Quad bikes, with the Groom & his Groomsmen riding them across the paddock for their grand arrival & the bride then arriving side saddle on her horse; cheekily asking a Groom to step forward & check that his Bride & her identical twin sister haven’t changed places for the day!; a beautiful Love Poem by a Japanese poet read in Japanese by the (Japanese) bride’s sister with the English words printed out for the Australian guests. These are just a few ways I have helped couples make their ceremony memorable.

I love meeting new people & working with them, I like to demystify the process of getting married without trivialising any part of it & making sure the Bride & Groom know exactly what & how things will happen. Most of all, I love to hear the stories behind each couple & that is where so much of the magic of the Wedding Ceremony comes from.

Make your ceremony an uplifting occasion that will give you & your guests happy memories by contacting me so that we can get excited together to make your day special.

Barbara Colless Marriage Celebrant South Sydney

Barbara Colless Marriage Celebrant South Sydney


Barbara Colless Marriage Celebrant South Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands and Wollongong
Phone: 0414 345 715

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  1. Hey, Barbara, I loved the creative elements you add to people’s weddings. I haven’t heard about such fabulous ideas earlier and would try out some of these in my cousin’s wedding next month. Thanks for being the inspiration!

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